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Gutters and Downpipes

New gutters and downpipes are the ideal complement to your roof and add a stylish finishing touch to your home. The main function of gutters is to divert the flow of water away from the roof. Every now and then all gutters and downpipes will need replacing.

Why do gutters rust?

When iron is exposed to air, a thin porous film of iron oxide forms on the iron. When moisture is present an electric cell is formed between the iron and the oxide allowing a current to flow through the moisture, dissolving the iron and forming rust.

Colorbond® steel provides a choice of 20 colours, numerous shapes or profiles and various grades for different environments. It resists chipping, peeling, cracking and termites and is weather-tight to protect your home.

We use gutter guards that extend the life of your gutter and are not only easily fitted but are widely used across Australia.

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